Every Time Beside

This is a piece about faithfulness. It started as a progression just to learn how to use my midi controller. Then I tried to put a little guitar on it because I am… Continue reading

Open Up

Here is a short little ditty about a budding flower that is just waking up. The story begins as an early morning rain shower ends. Its been a long night and the storm… Continue reading

Brave & New

This is my first attempt at epic space age thriller music thanks to the inspiration of a young local graphic artist. It’s the story of a brave young explorer who finds himself in… Continue reading

Curious Climber

My nephew is a climber. If you are not around kids a lot, the deep and terrifying reality of that statement might not fully register with you. Imagine a 5 year old with… Continue reading


    Look at the moon!!! I remember yelling this one day when I was on my honeymoon. We were in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It was an island… Continue reading

Christmas With You

  I had the opportunity to write a Christmas song last week which I know is totally random but thought I would share it with ya’ll. I wanted to write something cute and… Continue reading

I Am The Other

Here is a song I wrote after marrying my lovely wife. I think it was her birthday song but it might have been our anniversary song. I should probably know which one but… Continue reading

It Is A Race

Remember when you used to rush and your mom would tell you, “Its not a race.” Well she was wrong. It is a race. Okay that came across kinda harsh (and a day… Continue reading


There are always moments to do what you love. Don’t be afraid to take them. This weekend was a great example. It was my grandmother’s 90th birthday and it became a mini family… Continue reading

Into The River

They say seeing is not believing, but it sure helps. Sometimes we can know or “hope know” something is going to happen without seeing it, but when it actually happens it takes our… Continue reading

The Lost & The Lion

This was my first attempt at a full on ambient track. I love the simplicity and space this type of music offers. But it is a challenge to keep things interesting without getting… Continue reading

Packing Up

Do  you ever have trouble waking up in the morning? Yeah me too. Even when there is something you want to do. Like go for a walk or leave for a trip or… Continue reading

Come Along

  I love to explore, whether hiking with my wife or going for long drives not knowing where we will end up. The picture is from our honeymoon hiking trip in Ireland. Sometimes… Continue reading


This piece has four parts: death, decent, accent and glory. I was basically thinking of two things. First, what might Easter have sounded like from heaven’s perspective. And secondly, what was the correlation… Continue reading

Hot Air Balloon

I’ve never been in a hot air balloon. I want to one day. I imagine that it is different than parasailing or hand-gliding mostly because its slower. I’ve never done those either.  I… Continue reading

Life Boat

So this is what happens when you watch Castaway and Life of Pi with in one week. Besides the fact that you never want to go on a plane or a boat again,… Continue reading

C’est le Printemps

Here is a piece that reminded my wife of france in the spring. It started with the simple phrase you hear at the intro. That became the “A” section. The next day the… Continue reading