This piece has four parts: death, decent, accent and glory.

I was basically thinking of two things. First, what might Easter have sounded like from heaven’s perspective. And secondly, what was the correlation with the Passover story and the Easter story.

I imagine that the death of Jesus was still sad in heaven even though they knew the whole plan. Suffering is sorrowful. I don’t really know what was happening while Jesus was dead so I won’t try to guess here. But I think it was a mixture of hope and sadness. Then the resurrection and accent to glory…. sweet. I kept imagining being under an ocean and racing towards the top like when you were a kid at the bottom of the pool trying to see how long you could hold your breath. You break the surface of the water and gasp as life giving air fills your lungs. I wonder if and what we breathe in heaven?

I called this piece Pesach which is just Hebrew for Passover. I figured the early Christians didn’t have Easter per se, they just just celebrated Jesus as the fulfillment of Passover. The “Last Supper” wasn’t some random dinner, it was a Passover meal that Jews around the world were celebrating. So why was Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection that same week? Check out the synopsis of the Passover story. Death came, but the blood of the passover lamb protected the people. Then they could walk into, through, and out of the land of bondage. From there they could walk to the Red Sea, and finally cross through the parted waters to the other side. Death, decent, accent and glory. My analogy is brief and spotty at best, I am not a theologian, but I see and am encouraged by the beautiful expression of Jesus at Passover.

Happy Easter, Resurrection Day, Passover, Pesach!!